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Difference between the Melasma and melanoma

Difference between the Melasma and melanoma

The Melasma and melanoma are the conditions usually the people get confused and both of these things are affects the skin region of the body. But they are completely different from another. If you want to know about the difference between Melasma and melanoma, then you have to make a study on both of these things.

The content below here is discussed about the difference and what is meant by the Melasma and the melanoma in a detailed manner.

What is Melasma?

The Melasma is the condition in which there will arising of discolored patches over the skin and mostly it affects the face region. The Melasma is also called chloasma or pregnancy mask because it is common in pregnant women, rarely men may also get affected. In the region of Melasma, the skin gets darker and it also darkens the region around the patches.

Simply the doctors call it the hyperpigmentation issues of the skin. The region commonly includes cheeks, upper lip and the forehead of the face.


Melasma will be never be turned into cancer in the future. If there is any doubt that you have after seen unknown patches on your face or body whether it is Melasma or melanoma you can consult the dermatologist.

What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is the condition that affects the skin cells called the Melanocytes. The melanocytes are responsible for the melanin production of the human body. When the melanoma occurs it will produce the dark color patches over the skin and in the normal condition, the mole is the benign tumor of the skin.

And in some instances, this mole can be turned into a malignant tumor. The formation of the new mole at the earlier stage may also be malignant. The melanoma is the uncommon thing so it is quite dangerous and there is a chance of getting spread to the other region of the body. In general, melanoma does not hurt and there are no symptoms shown in melanoma.

The size and the shape of the melanoma get varies after few days of formation. The melanoma is the dangerous one than the Melasma.

Final thoughts:

These are the difference between the Melasma vs melanoma and it is very important to have an idea about these things because in some instances there may be arising of some of the discolored patches in your body in that case you could differentiate them and take a step to overcome it.