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Melasma- causes, symptoms, and diagnosis

Melasma- causes, symptoms, and diagnosis

Melasma is also called as the chloasma or the pregnancy mask. Melasma is one of the most common pigmentation disorders that can cause the gray or brown patches over your skin and it primarily starts from the face.

The name Melasma comes from the Greek word for the black or cholas. It also said to be the pregnancy mask because it can be commonly seen in women during their pregnancy period. In rare cases, men may also get affected by the Melasma.

They are very common during the summer period and get improves during the winter season. There is no need to worry about whether the Melasma turn into cancer, they are not coming under cancer and in the future, they will not develop into skin cancer.

Causes for the Melasma:

Still, now the exact cause for the Melasma is not known but as the name indicates Melasma may be considered by the pigment-producing cells that are melanocytes in the skin if they produce too much melanin it may lead to the Melasma.


The risk of cancer with Melasma is not there and the fact is that you need to be worried about it. There are so many factors that could stimulate the development of the Melasma, it may also include the pregnancy and the hormonal drugs like birth control pills and hormone replacement.

They can also be caused by sun exposure and by a certain type of skincare products. Melasma may also be caused by the genetic component.

Symptoms for the Melasma:

Each type of disease will have different types of signs and symptoms so it is very important to note down the symptoms that are arising.

The primary symptom of the Melasma is the development of discolored patches over the skin and there are no physical symptoms for the Melasma. Mostly these patches appear in the face region, a common location like upper lips, nose, cheeks, and forehead.

Diagnosis of Melasma:

They are usually diagnosed by their patches’ appearance and if there is any kind of patches like this you can take the dermatologist advice. Still not there is no report for cancer from Melasma.

Through the biopsy and some other procedures, the Melasma will be confirmed by the doctors

Final thoughts:

The Melasma is the pigmentation disorder when you notice patches on your face it is better to consult the dermatologist but it will not be converted into cancer in future days.