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Causes and types of hyperpigmentation over the skin

Causes and types of hyperpigmentation over the skin

The uneven skin tone is one of the common problems that everyone experiences at some instance of their life, it may be for any reason. These dark spots are also said to be the age spots or sunspots. These dark patches appear on the skin areas like the face, hands and other parts which are directly exposed to the sun.

During the hyperpigmentation, the skin usually appears darker and it can occur as small patches, may cover large areas or rarely it may also affect the entire body.

The over secretion of the pigment change on face makes you look darker than your normal skin tone. So when there is hyperpigmentation you should take immediate action to resolve it.

Causes for hyperpigmentation:

The common cause for the hyperpigmentation of the skin is due to overexposure of the skin to the sun and the overproduction of the melanin pigment which causes pigmentation on face.

The melanin is the pigment that is present in the skin and that is produced by the skin cells called melanocytes. When the melanocytes trigger melanin production than the normal rate it leads to the condition called hyperpigmentation.


The direct sun exposure is not only the cause for hyperpigmentation, certain medication practices and some of the chemotherapy drugs also leads to the overproduction of melanin that causes the hyperpigmentation.

In some instances, the hormonal change in the body will be one of the reasons for hyperpigmentation.

The hyperpigmentation is a direct result of the increased level of production of the hormone in the body and that causes increased production of melanin pigment.

Types of hyperpigmentation:

There are some of the types in the hyperpigmentation, they are mentioned below;


Melasma is believed to be caused by the hormonal changes in the body and they are mostly developed during pregnancy time. They mostly affect the face region of the body.




Sunspots also called liver spots or solar lentiginous. The sunspots are a very common thing and that is caused mostly by the overexposure of the sun. They appear in the hands and face region.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

the hyperpigmentation may also occur as the result of injury or inflammation to the skin. The main cause of hyperpigmentation is due to type acne.

Final words:

There is certain cream for pigmentation on face and you can make use of it to leverage your skin tone and those products usually contain the substance which could limit the secretion of the melanin over the skin.