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Difference between Vaseline and petroleum jelly

Difference between Vaseline and petroleum jelly

The Vaseline and petroleum jelly are some of the common things that most of us have heard about. Most of the people making use of it as a moisturizer over the skin, lips, scalp, on scrapes and bruises and also in the foot to smoothen the cuticles.

Other than this some people make using it in their babies also in the diaper rashes and something else, but this is not a good thing because they both contain the petroleum products within it.

Vaseline and petroleum jelly get differ in some parts and before making use of it get to know the difference between Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Here are the few things explained in detail to help you in knowing about those jellies.

Vaseline and petroleum jelly

Vaseline or petroleum jelly are commonly mistaken as both are a different thing but it is not true they are the same thing but people make differencing both of these products. The people are thinking that both of these things still have the differences they are not aware of the Vaseline is just a brand name of petroleum jelly.

petroleum jelly

The Vaseline was manufactured and mainly used for only medical purposes. But later they are decided to name the product and sell them.

The Vaseline is completely made of pure petroleum jelly that is contained with the minerals and the microcrystalline wax, these things make the jelly to smooth. They are also used in the baby powder or lavender oil for the fragrance purpose.

The pure form of petroleum jelly is used as a lubricating, coating and moisturizing compound. The aid of petroleum jelly in the cosmetic industry is high and they are also used in the treatment of fungus, genital rashes, diaper rashes, nosebleeds and also for the chest colds.

When it comes to Vaseline vs petroleum jelly just know that both are the same and Vaseline is just the brand name of petroleum jelly.


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Before make using of anything over your skin try to know about their positive and drawbacks so that you could decide whether you can use it or not.

Both the petroleum jelly and the Vaseline are used to remove the make-up and the Vaseline generally gets stick to your skin easily. So it not easy to cleanse it with water after sticking.

Final thoughts

The Vaseline is the pure form of petroleum jelly so before make using it get to know about their limitation over your skin and use based on it.