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Toner Vs Astringent- which suits your skin?

Toner Vs Astringent- which suits your skin?

With the help of growing technology, the cosmetic industries are also growing and people prefer to make use of most of the beauty products to make themselves look even better.

Few among them are toner and the astringent and both are slightly different from one another. When it comes to toner or astringent you should know both the things so that you could select the one that suits better to your skin type.

What is toner?

The toner is the water-based skincare product that usually used to remove the dirt and the dead cells that are present in the inner layer of your skin. They are used to remove the makeup and they are also used as a skin cleanser.

The glycerin and other humectants are the major components of the skin toner and it can soften your skin. Other than this the skin toners are also contained with the herbal extracts and the floral essence with the anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredients.

What is astringent?

The astringent is also a water-based skin product, they are also used to remove the makeup and acts as the face cleanser.

The main difference between toner and astringent is that the astringents are also produced to remove the excess oil from your skin layers and they are also get differed in their ingredients.

The toner is completely free from the alcohol but the astringent contains a higher concentration of alcohol which helps in the removal of the dirt from your skin. This alcohol also helps to removes or kill the bacterial contaminants that are present over the skin.

These astringent also contain ingredients like the salicylic acid because they can fight against pimples and blackheads present over your face.

astringentWhich one is right for your tone?

Each one will have different types of skin, so before making use of any beauty products it is better to know about your skin type. The beauty products are formulated based on the different types of skin tones.

The toner suits all skins and they help you in protecting from the dirt, aging, dark spots, oil, dryness and much more. But the astringent is not like the toner before make using of it find your skin type. Because the astringent is mainly used to control the oiliness and the acne complexions of the skin.

Final thoughts

These are the simple difference between the toner vs astringent, the only thing that you have to be careful is when you are applying it to your skin.